This fabric is constructed of spun chenille yarn, built using a tight traditional chenille weave construct, which creates a classic chenille finish with a ‘caterpillar’ pile on the face of the fabric. We use poly fibres to create a thin warp and a thick weft. This fabric weighs in at 330gsm. This weight combined with the type of weave, makes the material quite thick and reasonably heavy, making it great for preserving heat. Due to its strong base and tight weave, our custom made Chenille fabric is hardy and durable. It is a water-absorbent material making it ideal for use in clothing as well as printing on chenille upholstery fabric.

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  • Max Print: 1.46m, Weight: 330gsm
  • Properties: “caterpillar” pile, soft but strong
  • Classic chenille fabric , with good drape
  • Chenille fabric does not crease


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